• Silver Curriculum

  • - The CSTA Standard -


    Founded in the year of 2004, CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) was the fruit

    of collaboration of more than 25,000 K-12 CS teachers, professors and professionals from 145 countries.

    The K-12 CS standards published in year 2016 has helped all states of the U.S. to build up their own curriculums.


    - Silver Curriculum -

    Designed for kids of age 8-10, this curriculum focuses on the inner logic of codes, allowing the students to build an app from scratch.



    - Syllabus -

    Using drag-and-drop style programming, students will design their own User Interface with App Inventor, write programs that interfaces with the sensors embedded in smart phones.



    - Class Setup -


    1-1 : Peronalized tutoring with adjustable schedules


    1-N : Small Group Projects to train collaboration and leadership


    (Online/Offline courses both available)




    - Curriculum Goal -

    Meet 1B level of the CSTA Standard (equivalent to grade 5 in the U.S.) and Grade 9 level of National Standard

    Gain the ability to develop Android applications

    Learn the physics behind sensors

    Prepare for Minecraft and Python courses in the future



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