• Platinum Curriculum

  • - The CSTA Standard -


    Founded in the year of 2004, CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) was the fruit

    of collaboration of more than 25,000 K-12 CS teachers, professors and professionals from 145 countries.

    The K-12 CS standards published in year 2016 has helped all states of the U.S. to build up their own curriculums.



    - Class Setup -


    1-1 : Peronalized tutoring with adjustable schedules


    1-N : Small Group Projects to train collaboration and leadership


    (Online/Offline courses both available)



    - Platinum Curriculum -

    Designed for kids of age 15-18, this curriculum aims to prepare students for AP Computer science and other application-oriented programming skills.




    - Syllabus -

    Learn data extraction and visualization via matplotlib, machine learning tools and search algorithms to enhance programming capabilities



    - Curriculum Goals -

    Meet 3A/B level of the CSTA Standard (equivalent to College level in the U.S.) and surpass the 2017 College Entrance Exam Requirement in Zhejiang Province

    Extract Useful information from databases, gain insights and understanding of Artificial Intelligence.


  • - Our Advantages -