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  • Elina

    Student at Shanghai Baoyugang School, 12 years old

    Courses Taken:Minecraft, Python, Superlab


    When Elina first came to Bigger Lab she was still a pupil. Eventually she got "addicted" to programming. WIth her critial thinking skills...


    Student at Cambridge Univeristy

    Courses Taken:Project Unicorn - University Application thread


    A innovative mind indeed, Lucy spent two years at Bigger Lab designing a robot housekeeper that follows people on its own...

    "Little White Hat"

    Student at Shanghai Zhongxin International School, 13 years old

    Courses Taken: Superlab、Python、AI


    A US citizen born in Japan, "Little White Hat" demonstrated a very strong understanding in programming, far more than what students...


    Student at UNC

    Courses Taken:Advanced Intelli. Hardware


    When Joan was first enrolled in Bigger Lab, he learnt at an incredible speed. Her humor and optimism help him...


    CS Student at Carnegie Mellon University

    Course Taken:Project Unicorn - University Application thread


    A bright and delightful student, Helen has excellent academic performance in all STEM courses. She came to Bigger Lab to have her final big leap towards her dream school, CMU..