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    Yan "Rock" Zou

    Founder, Bigger Lab

    Started Programming at the age of 13

    Entered NYU Abu Dhabi with Full Scholarship

    Designed "Chipin App" at the age of 21

    Won Top Three in International Hackathons

    Published papers on IEEE




    Huilian Qiu

    Curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    Earned Bachelor's Degree at Brown University

    Earned Bachelor's Degree at Princeton University

    In pursuit of PhD at Carnegie Mellon University

    Founder of NPO organization"Coding Ladies"





    Yichen "Brian" Li

    Curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    Graduated from ANU

    Founder/leader of various software/hardware/computer game projects

    Founded the biggest first-person drone simulation app Free Rider with more than 600k users




    Qiansheng Li

    Chief Instructor for Data Visualization

    Visiting Scholar/researcher at MIT Media Lab

    Now serves as an officer at Intel&interaction lab at Shanghai College of the Arts

    Member of Shanghai Creative Design Club

    In charge of a number of data visualization projects and textbook composition


    "Xuejun" Jerry Tang

    Chief Instructor for Intelligent Hardware, Drones and Robotics

    Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical/ Electrical engineering at Curtin University

    Coached FRC Robotics Compeition

    Founder, CTO of Azure Frontier

    Project Manager of Shanghai Battlebots

    Yuxiang "Jacky" Wang

    Curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    More than 4 years of professional experiences iOS development.

    With expertise in WeChat Miniprograms and front-end web development

    Developed 8 widely-used apps including "Master of Business" which earned a no.32 ranking within APP Store


    Che "Watcher" Wang

    curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    In Pursuit of an AI PhD at NYU

    Published papers about algorithms/training on San Francisco International AI Forum

    Won First Place at Open-data competition with an interactive subway map

    Won First Place on 2015 Microsoft Design Exhibition with an AI robot arm

    Chief Instructor for MIT AI Competition

    Nathaniel Tan

    Chief Instructor for Unity3D, AR, VR and Game Design

    Once worked for Ubisoft, Microsoft and Peak Pixel Games

    With expertise at user experience and UI design

    Designed "KFC with flavor - EXO-M", "The Black Eyed Peas Experience"




    Xiaoyun "Anne" Zhao

    Chief Instructor for Wechat Mini program & Android Development

    Earned Master's Degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Now works at a national financing agency

    Worked at Intel Asia&pacific research center, AntFin

    Developed "Huabei" as an front-end developer

    Zijie "James" Chen

    Python Curriculum Developer Team Lead, Chief Instructor

    Earned Double Degree in Computer Media and Financing at NYU Shanghai

    Won Top Three in HackShanghai.

    Expertise in hardware-software interaction & Utility of sensors

    Chief Instructor for Python, AI, 3-D Printing, Mincraft

    Yinzhan Xu

    Curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    Student at MIT

    Earned Gold Medal in the 26th IOI

    Chief Instructor for MIT AI Competition

    Chief Instructor for Algorithm





    Hong Zhang

    Curriculum developer, Chief Instructor

    Master's Degree in Software Engineering at Tongji University

    Rich experiences in data visualization

    With expertise in mainstream programming languages

    Chief Instructor for Python and Scratch

    Technical Instructor for Data Visualization and Arduino


    Andy Garcia

    Chief Instructor for ID, Digital Farm

    Master's Degree in Engineering Science in Product Design at Kingston University London

    WIth Expertise in CADding softwares like SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, T-Splines

    Once worked at TokyLabs, MEDIO DESIGN and FAB LAB

    Founder of DomosFarm, a digitized city farm.

    Ruiyi Guo

    Chief Instructor for iOS & Android Devlopment

    Worked as iOS APP senior development engineer at Chenguang

    Developed Fotoplace, That's Magazine"

    With Expertise in AR and CV

    Was involved in AR interaction projects at Budweiser,Mengniu tls, OPPO, Samsung